Business Email address

How important is the future of your Business to you?

How important are your customers and clients to you??

How important is it to build and expand your Business???

So what do we mean by "Business" Email address?

Instead of representing your Business with a email address like "getfit@yahoo.co.uk", why not have "join@getfit.co.uk", "admin@getfit.co.uk", "info@getfit.co.uk", or "yourname@getfit.co.uk" ?

Once you have ordered your email address with The Site 4 u we will provide you with a easy way of checking your email via our site. We will also offer you with 3 different Mail interfaces, so you can customise the look of your online mail program.

So what do you really get?

A unique Email address, Great Online Email program, Free MS Outlook setup guide,
Unique Email Usernames and Passwords, Friendly Helpdesk (Unique Customer Account)

Free Email for anyone having a website built by The Site 4 u!

Please provide us with a few contact details below and our team will contact you very soon.

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